Monday, 5 January 2015

Are In-Game advertises disturbing?

Do you like advertises popping while playing games on your mobile phone or tablet?

The answer is big NO. Everybody will answer it as no. It really irritates when ads popup while you are in the middle of a game.

But face the fact that ads will be there if you are playing a game free of cost. There is nothing free as such in this money oriented world. You should actually support free games by allowing them earning money through ads. Believe me, your contribution is only one drop in this huge sea of free games and advertisments.

For game developers, do not keep popping ads every now and then in your game. You may be aware that, user immediately uninstalls such games, irrespective of good game play. No matter your game is addictive, but if you are showing ads at a very quick successions, then the chances are there that player may uninstall your game. Google has put some guidelines for game developers, Advertise - Implementation Best Practices.

If games are having ads at right place, at right time, within average intervals, then player will not bother so much. Player should not feel that, ads are hammering. In my free game Chips Factory, I put a separate button to watch ads and that also comes after a game is over. And I show a fullscreen ad only after the user presses a replay button.

On the other hand player should also motivate good free games having ads since they are giving you a kind of free service which entertains you. The more players will support, the more free good games will be there in the market. One of the way to support free games is giving a ratings to a game you are playing or have played. Other way is not to ignore ads immediately. Many a times ads are useful and related to you. e.g. It may show a game type of your liking.

Gamers and Game Developers helping each other is the only key of success for the universe of free games.

I am an indie game developer. I have published my first android game Chips Factory

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